I’m moving today. Probably no drawings will be posted here until I can find/buy a scanner! Probably no access to a PC for a while either. I’ll still be drawing and will be around on insta if ya know where to look hoho.

The other day I was cycling around to bid a final farewell to every little familiar corner of this town. There’s this one alley where three cats usually hang out in that I often pass on the way to the station. I’ve always thought they were strays being without collars, but I should have took notice of how well-groomed and well-fed they were. I met an elderly woman who looks after them that day. She told me they go back home with her every night. And she gave them all really long names. Then she gave me three coffee candies…

On another day I finally finished up the Star Wars VI with a friend. He introduced me to Star Wars just last year. So now I’m excited for episode VII coming out in 2015. What a long way to go. When I settle at my new place I hope to find people to share things with too. 

I want to make many many many things and share them with you too! Take care, mighty mangoes.


Hope you all are doing great! ^_~ 

匿名 asked what do u mean by filling in the source? like make a post about the artwork or??

I mean if you happen to reblog, then you can put in the source if you want. (: